How much material needed to make a silicone mold?

How much material needed to make a silicone mold?

To create a quality mold, you will need to begin the project prepared for your task. One of the first stages - after making sure that you have all of the right tools and other necessities - is to judge how much material you will require for your particular project.

One of the easiest techniques that you can practice for estimating the requirements (by volume) that you'll be needing for your project, is by placing the model into a container or containment field, and then pouring water up and over the model. The amount of water that it takes represents the amount of mixed material that you will need. It is as easy as that.

Before actually pouring in the material, be certain to dry your model and your containment field extremely well, to ensure that there isnt any moisture left behind.

To calculate your material requirements by weight, you'll need to calculate the volume of the required material for the mold, and then calculate the weight for that volume in the specific material that you will be using.
This is done in a simple calculation. For the purposes of this example, let us pretend that your container or containment field had the dimensions of 4x4x4, and the model is a cube with the dimensions 3x3x3:
1. Calculate the volume of your containment field: 4x4x4= 64 cubic inches.
2. Calculate the volume of the model: 3x3x3 = 27 cubic inches.
3. Subtract the volume of the model from the volume of the containment field, to discover the volume of material that you will be requiring: 64 - 27 = 37 cubic inches. Therefore, you will need 37 cubic inches of material for your project.
4. Convert the volume to a weight value. To accomplish this, you will need to know the weight of the material in cubic inches per pound. This value will be called the specific volume and will often be marked on the product. For this example, we shall say that the material yields 27.7 cubic inches per pound.
5. To calculate the weight you will require for your project, divide the volume of the material youll need by the specific volume of the material: 37 27.7 =1.34 pounds. So you will require 1.34 pounds of material.

Another simple way to calculate by weight,only silicone density multiplied by Volume,usually,the silicone density is 1.1-1.2 g/cm3,for example,if the volume you need is 10*10*10cm,then the weight you need is:10*10*10*1.1=1100g=1.1KG

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