Silicone or Polyurethane?Which one is better to make plaster mould?how to choose?

1)If your plaster/gypsum decoration is big and without pattern or with very simple pattern,it is more economy to choose Polyurethane.since the cost of polyurethane is lower than silicone rubber.

2)If your plaster/gypsum decoration is middle or small size with complicated pattern,silicone rubber is best choice,reason as below:

A.Polyurethane is too hard hardness,silicone rubber is soft,so silicone with better elasticity,which is easier to demould and not damage the original mold.

B.Polyurethane mold’s surface is rough,so the pattern or lines on your plaster product is vague,,will affect the delicate of your product.silicone rubber can reduplicate your product’s pattern clearly and perfectly.

C.Cause Polyurethane mold’s surface is rough and hard,it will lead to the high scrap rate of your products in process.

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