Does color has effect on silicone physical property?

Actually,Color or adding pigment in to silicone has no effect on the silicone physical property.

Regarding to the color,white is the main color of condensation cure silicone,translucent is the nature color of addition cure silicone, skin color is lifecasting's main color. We should communicate details with customers if they need other color.

Now many customers like adjust the color by themselves. In the meanwhile, we should alert customers that the silicone will not cure if it contact with the metal element. Therefore, any pigment containing metal element cannot be added into the silicone.

Additionally,pigment has water soluble and oil-based,but for silicone,we should choose oil-based also can choose special silicone pigment when you buy it.

We advise that customers should make a test before putting the pigment into mass production.

for addition cure silicone,it is better you not adjust color by yourself,cause addition cure silicone is sensitive to color,if you not operate well,the silicone will be poisoned and not cured,so you can ask your supplier to adjust color for you.

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