Why does silica gel stick to the mold and how to solve it after sticking?

   When using silicone or silicone molds, more or less will be met with the mold and the mold! No matter what material your mold is, there will be different degrees of sticking! He and the aluminum mold, copper mold, steel mold, glass steel, plastic mold will have a certain degree of sticking!

Here I only discuss the sticking phenomenon of liquid silicone, so why does it show sticking?
First of all, liquid silicone is a dry oily gel. The silica gel is dry and smooth. She has no oily barrier with the mold surface and will adhere to the mold to varying degrees.
Secondly, if the surface of your mold is not smooth enough, the thicker the surface, the harder it will stick! He will stick to your mold more firmly!
Also, if there is a chemical reaction between the material on your mold and the silica gel, it will stick to the mold! Finally, if the silicone is not fully cured, he will stick together in the mold! Wait until he is fully cured before removing the mold!

How can we avoid this sticking phenomenon and how to solve this sticking phenomenon? Here are a few ways to learn from it!
First, prevent sticking phenomenon. First, you should clean the mold before using the mold. When cleaning, you can use clean water and detergent to clean. If this kind of cleaning is not enough, it is best to use water, alcohol, white. Electric oil, etc.
Second, make the mold as smooth as possible, as long as it is smooth with the silicone contact surface!
Third, do not use a substance that reacts with silica gel as a silicone mold.
Fourth, wait for the silicone to fully cure after taking the mold!

When you solve the above three situations, there is a phenomenon of sticking mold, so you must take certain measures.
The best way is to use a release agent, which can be solved with a release agent. There are many materials that can act as release agents, such as silicone oil, detergent water, paraffin, petroleum jelly, oil spray-type release agents, etc.!
Special attention should be paid here. Different mold release agents are also different. The range of mold release agents for organic tin curing systems is much wider! The above mentioned can basically be used, but the release effect is best or Vaseline and oil spray release agent! If the silica gel you use is a platinum solidification system, you should pay special attention to it. Most of the release agents mentioned above cannot be used. Vaseline can be used, and it is environmentally friendly Vaseline for medical use, as well as oily spray. Release agent!
This article mainly outlines why the gelatin phenomenon occurs in the silicone, and how to solve the problem after the sticking phenomenon occurs!

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