Silicone rubber RTV2 Elongation and curing time

(1) silicone rubber Elongation
Silicone rubber elongation refers to the "limit rupture elongation" or the percentage increase in the original length relative to the original length when the sample breaks.
Hot-sulfur solid-state silicone rubber generally has an elongation in the range of 90 to 1120%.
Fluoro silicone rubber generally has an elongation of between 159 and 699%.
Liquid silicone rubber generally has an elongation of between 220 and 900%.
Different processing methods and the choice of harderner can greatly affect its elongation.
Silicone rubber elongation and temperature have a great relationship.

(2) silicone rubber curing time
Silicone rubber vulcanization time, also named silicone rubber curing time, is said after a long time silicone rubber vulcanization reaction is basically over.
This is basically the end means the product is already available, but in fact there is a small part of the curing reaction is not finished.
So the products made of silicone rubber , such as silicone molds usually need put a period of time and then put into use.

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