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A ton of couples are skipping the fancy wedding rings and opting for these $20 rubber bands instead — here's why

Now, couples are opting for trendy Enso Rings which are silicone rings that claim to be durable, functional and still chic. The bands come in several styles and a variety of colors that can help loved ones pick a band that really speaks to their personality. 

The inspiration for the brand apparently dates back to ancient Egypt:

"When the ancient Egyptians created the first circular representations of promise, they used braided hemp. It’s the symbol and the practicality that mattered. We made the first Enso silicone ring to bring back comfort, safety and focus to the way we express commitment."
Enso Rings

Considering that after the wedding day, the real dirty work begins, it may actually be a practical solution on all fronts. Since the silicone rings average around $35 a pop, it would also be an economically savvy choice. And  if sizing is a concern, never fear, they have a range from size 3-13, and a handy guide to show you how to make sure you get the perfect fit. 

So if you're someone who likes to switch up their look, they're affordable enough for you to switch out while still looking committed. 

After all, it's the symbol itself that matters, not the price tag!

Traditional wedding rings can no longer keep up with the active lifestyles of many couples, leading them to seek other options that can still show their love and commitment.

One popular choice is the silicone wedding ring, which is more durable, practical, and affordable.
If you're always trying not to misplace or get your ring dirty, consider the silicone wedding ring.
As the ultimate symbols of love and commitment, wedding rings unsurprisingly receive a lot of attention and care. Choosing the perfect wedding rings is a big deal in any couple's relationship, yet for something so coveted, these rings are also awfully inconvenient, easy to lose, and incompatible with many lifestyles.

Many people take their rings off during ordinary activities like cooking, showering, and working out to keep them clean or make sure they won't get lost. Countless others — athletes, firefighters, and military officers — also do so out of safety concerns. For example, regular wedding rings can catch onto other materials, or if anything hits your fingers and they start swelling, the ring can get stuck.

Naturally, couples started looking for other solutions that could still show their commitment to their partner while being practical enough for whatever life throws at them. One solution that's becoming more popular is the silicone wedding ring.

Qalo Instagram
QALO is a company started by two guys who "found themselves newly married, loving their wives but hating their wedding rings." Unable to find a metal ring replacement that was safe and comfortable, they developed silicone rings instead.

Other well-rated, Fakespot-verified rings come from Knot Theory, ROQ, Swagmat, and Honor Eternity Ring. Each with thousands of very satisfied customers, they prove that the silicone wedding ring is not just another fad. Everyone from your coworker to your favorite NFL player is wearing them because of all the ways silicone rings are superior to traditional wedding rings:

They're strong and durable
They're hypoallergenic
They don't react to chemicals or acids
They're waterproof
They're non-toxic
They're affordable (most range from $7 to $20 each)

If you find yourself constantly misplacing or worrying about your wedding ring, the silicone ring is a worthy, much more practical alternative to consider.

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