How to avoid holes on the artificial stone veneer surface after drying?

The holes produced on the surface of stone after drying,it may caused by two reason,firstly,if the original stone mold is not clean and has dust on it,the silicone mold you made by this original mold will have Bumps,then products made by this silicone mold will have hole on the surface;of cause,if the silicone mold surface is not clean and have dust on it,the product's surface will also has hole.

secondly,it caused by bubbles,when you cast concrete material,the bubble is not released fully,so the surface has hole.

So Pls try to clean the original mold before made the silicone mold,and clean the silicone mold before duplicate your products.and in the process of casting concrete,you should shake the silicone mold to evenly distribute the solution and release the bubble.

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