What is silicone rubber viscosity and silicone rubber hardness?

1.Silicone Viscosity
Silicone rubber viscosity refers to the liquid, quasi-liquid or quasi-solid material to resist the flow of the volume characteristics, that is, by external force flow, the molecules presented by the internal friction or flow resistance.
normally, silicone rubber viscosity and silicone rubber hardness is proportional.

(2) silicone rubber hardness
Silicone rubber hardness refers to the ability of silicone rubber materials to resist hard objects into their surface locally.
Silicone rubber has a Shore hardness range of 0 to 55, which gives the designer the freedom to choose the desired hardness to satisfy the specific function.
Various proportions of polymer substrates, fillers and additives can be combined to achieve various intermediate hardness.
Likewise, the heating curing time and temperature can also change the hardness without destroying physical characteristics.

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