The solutions of the sticky of the silicone mold?

The main reason for this problem is that you do not handle the products or original molds well,then you should deal with the original mold or products carefully before molding.

When you come to make a silicone mold,you should do the products with a complicated pattern or a unsmoothed surface,you should polish and clean the products after which it will be molded,then spray the release agent.Normally,the release agent can be Vaseline,detergent,liquid wax and so on.In practical process,you can bush different release agent according to different material.

What’s more,it may be that the operator pour the liquid silicone rubber into the mold when the mixture is mixed evenly,then the finish silicone mold will not cure and dry entirely.Because molding silicone rubber is a kind of condensation silicone rubber, which get solidified after absorbing moisture from the air.

In order to provide a significant shelf-life for the silicon rubber,we will dry out the water in the silicon rubber.Generally add 0.05% water into the silicone rubber and stir over a low speed briefly when you use it.

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