Why choose silicone rubber to make mold?

The need of a large number of molds making exists, such as the mold for low melting point alloy, wax, plaster, resin, unsaturated polyester resins and polyurethane casting required for forming before the molding silicone rubber was invented. Choosing silicone to make mold becomes more and more popular than other material. Undoubtedly, silicone rubber has advantages which other materials can't provide. Before the advent of the silicone rubber, people often use metal or wood or plaster to make mold, but this kind of mold has long processing cycle, high cost, difficult to demould, and high defect rate. In the 1960s, the silicone rubber industry began to industrialize. Silicone to make mold is widely used rapidly and replaces metal and wood and plaster due to it has these advantages of convenient operation, low cost, high precision of complex mode etc, which is one of the important materials of mold production. Using silicone to make mold has been applicable to leather embossing, artifacts copied, mechanical mapping, plastic molding, precision casting, handicrafts, building supplies and other industries.

Chemical components and physical structure of the silicone rubber determines it has many other features other similar materials difficult to replace, which is embodied in the following aspects.

1. Silicone rubber belongs to the elastomer, which is more convenient to demoulding with respect to metal and other materials.

2. This operation of using silicone to make mold is convenient. The silicone rubber and curing agent can react quickly under room temperature.
3. Silicone rubber has better good physical properties and chemical properties, high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation resistance, a wide temperature range (-60-300 ℃).
4. According to the processing and application needs, the viscosity and hardness of silicone to make mold can be adjusted. And the mold silicone rubber can be obtained by varying the catalyst species, dosage, and curing conditions.

All in all, the fundamental reason why choose silicone rubber to make mold is that selecting silicone to make mold can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs which greatly enrich people's needs, so that businesses get more profit.

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