Why the silicone mould would be out of shape?

The main reason for the deformation is because we haven’t chose the silicone rubber in suitable hardness to make the silicone mould. 

In principle, the hardness of the silicone should be based on the size of the products. 

If the products is with small size and detailed patterns, the soft silicone in the hardness of 15-20shore A can be applied, which is easy for demolding and will not damage the patterns. 

For the products with medium size, such as 50cm, 25-30 shore A silicon should be used .
For the products with large size, such as 1m, harder silicone such as 35-40 shore A shall be recommended to avoid deformation.
If the product is large but features detailed patterns, 30 shore A silicone will be workable.

And also, we can make the outer mold to protect the silicone mould. 
The process is a layer silicone added, a layer fiber glass or cloth followed and repeat 2 times to enhance the tear strength. The outer mold can be plaster, glass fiber reinforced plastic (unsaturated resin and fiber glass) to protect the products from deformation.

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