Why silicone mold got less reproduction times?

As we all know, the mold making silicone rubber relative to the manual mold design silicone is suitable for mass production of resin handicraft, unsaturated resin, Polly resin, epoxy resin, PU resin, candles, gypsum, culture stone, artificial stone, cement, large-scale sculpture, historical figures carved stone, sandstone, embossing, Roman column, GRC components, handmade soap, bath, interior decoration, toys, gifts, craft gifts, plastic toys, paraffin wax, alloy car, concrete products, furniture, decoration, construction decoration industry and mould making industry and so on. Due to the mold making silicone rubber need to copy large quantities of products, its reproduction times must be high, generally needed to be more than one hundred times. But we found that the silicone mold be reused only for a few times in the actual operation. Next, I will tell you why the silicone molds got less reproduction times and what should we do with this phenomenon?

First of all, you have to make sure the silicone and curing agent are mixed evenly. Molding silicon rubber is a kind of flowing liquid and it contains two parts. Part A is a kind of white flowing liquid and part B is the curing agent. Remember to mix part A and part B evenly, otherwise the silicon rubber will be partly solidified and this will cause many problems in your final operation. What's more, it will affect the service life and reproduction times. All of these will lead to a waste of silicone mold.

Secondly, it can be due to the reason of adding too much silicone oil in to silicone rubber. Silicon oil is an additive which destroys the molecular weight of silicone rubber and reduces the tension and tear strength. Normally we do not advise our customers to add any silicon oil into the silicon rubber. If it is necessary, the ratio must be 5%-10%. If the customers need to lower the viscosity of the silicone rubber and change the hardness by adding silicone oil, you can also contact with our company, and we will provide you the most suitable products to meet your demand for the viscosity and hardness of our silicone products.

The final reason for this phenomenon is that you don't choose the suitable hardness of silicone to make molds according to the size of the products. In principle, the hardness of the silicone should be consistent to the size of the products. You can’t use the silicon rubber with a high hardness to make molds for small sized products with delicate and intricate designs and the silicon rubber with a low hardness to makes molds for large sized products with simple designs. Please note that we should choose the silicon rubber specifically according to the requirements of our products to avoid this problem and obtain a higher reproduction times.

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