Why does platinum silicone rubber appear to be non-cured?

This is because platinum catalyzes the poisoning reaction of silica gel. It may be incorporating some condensation type silica gel or it is exposed to other metal materials. So you need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Since the addition molding glue is easy to be poisoned, it should be cleaned when using the condensed rubber and then add molding glue to avoid poisoning.

2. Do not add any color or powder to the molding gel before the test, so as to avoid catalyst poisoning and curing.

3. Additive molding is currently a two-component, component A, B. The component A used is that the container cannot be added to the component B before it is cleaned, and vice versa.

4. When mixing A and B materials, whether it is 1:1 glue or 10:1 glue, it is necessary to carry out the ingredients strictly according to the matching requirements, and do not add more or less with the single components to avoid the hardness change.

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