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Medical grade silicone used for silicone heart

Silicone rubber heart, as the name implies, is a heart made of silicone rubber and a heart medical component. "Silicone rubber" here refers to silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is an elastic synthetic rubber material. Because of its molecular structure, chemical stability can fully meet the needs of prosthesis. As one of the most important organs of human body, heart is an absolutely indispensable part of human body.

With the development of medicine, more and more human organs have been transplanted. But after all, the organs used for transplantation are not everything, and there are different degrees of rejection between the bodies, so various organ substitutes have emerged one after another. Because of the progress of material science, artificial organs began to appear, and it has been proved that they have increasingly obvious medical and market value. Organo silicone material is one of the most advantageous materials for making human organs.

The production of silicone rubber heart requires high technology and materials, so the silicone rubber used to make silica gel heart is not ordinary silicone rubber. Silicone heart, as a part of implanted body, has very strict requirements for its biological and chemical stability. Any erosion by organisms may lead to irreversible consequences for human body. The chemical composition of human body fluid is complex, acid and alkali environment exist, many trace elements will cause different corrosion effects on silicone heart. Therefore, we require that the silica gel for making the heart must be able to resist biological and chemical corrosion, at least significantly reduce the corrosion intensity, so that the damage of organs and the generation of side effects can be controlled to the extent that the human body can be naturally purified and self-renewal can compensate.

To make silicone rubber for human organs, it needs to pass the certification of human body and medical level to prove that it is absolutely non-toxic to human body before it can be made into prosthesis for heart and other important parts.

At the same time, the physical properties of silicone rubber used to make the prosthesis must be excellent enough. Imagine how a silicone heart with insufficient resilience and physical strength can meet the heart pulse beat dozens of times a minute.

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