Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of silicone and its alternatives

Material Advantage Disadvantage
Silicone 1 best release properties
A.model surface preparation minimal or not required
B. release agent offen not required when casting most material in molds
2 casting low temperature melt metal alloys
3 400F/205C high temperature resistance
4 high tear strength
5 knotty tear propagation
6 good chemical resistance for casting resins
7 good for casting all mediums
1 expensive(especially platinum cure)
2 requires precise measurement
3 high viscosity
4 vacuum degassing requiredvacuum equipment 800$-1000$
5 tin catalyzed silicone
higher shrinkage over time,limited library life
6 platinum cured silicone,
expensive,dimensional stability-no shrinkage, subject to cure inhibition
7. Addition cured silicone easy poisoned (un-cured)
Latex 1 cheap
2 very rlastic,thined wall and strong
3 molds last a long time and offer good abrasion resistance
4 good for making glove molds
1 strong ammonia smell
2 latex can only be brushed onto model
3 20+coats needed to make mold
4 time factor:many days to complete
5 high shrinkage
6 good for casting concrete,wax or plaster,but not good for casting resins,low temp.melt metal alloys
Polyurethanes 1 wide hardness range shore A 00 to shore A 90
2 long library life
3 relatively low cost
4 convenient mix ratio lA:1B by volume--no scale required
5 lower viscosity--no degassing
6.Good for large size crafts casting with great tear&tensile strength
1 adhesive to most surfaces
2 moisture sensitive
3 unused product has limited shelf life after opening
4 good for castingwax,plaster,concrete and resins(release agent is required)
5 not good for casting low temperature melt metal alloys
Polysulfides 1 soft,stretchy and durable
2 long mold lift(30+years)
3 moderate cost
4 loves moisture,sulfur clays
1 gram scale necessary to weigh parts A and B
2 offensive order
3 may stain plaster
4 good for casting plaster or wax.not good for casting concrete,resins or low temp.melt metal alloys
Fiber 1.Cheap
2.Good for different size molding
1.Few times duplication time
2. Non-environmental

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