How to help your molds last longer and work better?

Here are a few tips that will help your molds last longer and work better:

1. For the molds to retain their shapes store them in a single layer, do not pile them up.

2. After using clean the mold with tepid water and soap, don’t use abrasive products. Don't forget to clean the mold between the castings, especially when using pigments or different colour cement. Gently remove the dry particles of concrete with soft sponge and soap to avoid scratching the silicone surface.

3. Keep your molds away from direct sunlight as UV may cause damage to silicone.

4. Don't pull at the mold too strongly. Release the cast product by gently moving around and unsticking the mold rather than pulling strongly at one end.

5. Platinum-cured silicone molds can be used with different materials, such as cement, resin, wax. However, it is recommended to dedicate mold to one material to avoid ‘cross-contamination’. For example, if you are using it first with concrete and then with epoxy resin, you may end up with concrete particles in your resin cast.

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