Concrete/Cement/Stone Moldmaking Silicone

  • Tin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold Making
  • Tin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold Making
  • Tin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold Making
Tin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold MakingTin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold MakingTin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold Making

Tin Cure Silicone for Stone Mold Making

  • Product Item: SE-525,SE-525
  • Hardness:25~30 Shore A
  • Mix Ratio: 100:2/3
  • Color: White/ Custom color
  • Product description: Product description: Tin cure silicone rubber(SE5series) is a kind of liquid RTV (room temperature vulcaniza-tion) silicone with two parts, part A is the silicone base, part B is the curing agent.


It is a kind of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber in condensation type. It's generally named as two part silicone rubber, Part A is a flowable liquid, part B is the curing agent or catalyst. It's mainly used for all mold making with different size and pattern.

1. Suitable for both pouring molding and brushing molding
2. Strong tear strength and tensile strength
3. Easily release air to avoid bubbles
4. excellent non-stick effect
5. Various hardness from 10 to 40 shore A
6. Excellent flexibility, easy to demould.
7. High temperature resistance, high duplication times and repeated use
8. Good cut-growth resistance

Tin cure silicone for mold making, which with good tensile strength as well as high duplication times ,so it is perfect for making mold in statue and figures industries ,such as Stone figurine ,ceramic statues,polyurethane statuary, ceramic statues,polyurethane animals,Buddha, plaster ceiling, artificial stone, GRC home decorations etc.while,it also application for making mold for Resin and poly resin crafts, Lighting ornaments, candles crafts, statue Buddha, relief, artifacts copied, Animals and plants sculpture.


Model NO· SE-525# SE-530#
Mixing Ratio (by weight) 100:3 100:3
Appearance/Color White White
Hardness (Shore A) 25±2 30±2
Mixed viscosity (mPa·s) 16000±500 20000±500
Working Time(at23/75,MINS) 30~40 30~40
Curing Time (at 23/75, HRS) 4~5 4~5
Tensile strength, Mpa ≥4.2 ≥4.0
Tear strength, KN/m ≥28.5 ≥29.5
Shrinkage, % <0.2 <0.2
Elongation at break, % ≥550 ≥420

Using instructions:
Step 1: prepare the original molds
Prepare an perfect mold modle and clean it totally(the release agent can be detergent, soapy water and Vaseline)before operation .Take 100g silicone material and 2~5g curing agent strictly and mix them evenly.
*Notes:Make sure the toys and operation tool cleaned up totally to avoid uncure problem .

Step 2: Vacuum pumping
Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes.(normally is 5munites) Otherwise, it will cause cross linking reaction, and no more further steps will be available.

Step 3: Pouring casting or Brushing operation
1. For simple pattern products we suggest use pouring operation way, which will be very easy to operate and demould. Pourable silicone require light viscosity which will be easy to flow smoothly and easy to de-air . (mold with fine and precision  patterns with low hardness.)
2.For delicate pattern products we suggest use brushing operation way.which can copy the pattern exactly .brushing way require high viscosity which won’t be easy to flow away and easy to brush(large size molds with high hardness)
3.The amount of the curing agent can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of the customer. If molds requiring fast drying and demould, more curing agent is needed; contrarily, if molds requiring slower drying and demould, less curing agent is needed.but we don’t suggest to add silicone oil avoid oil problem.

Step 4:Demoulding:
After 35 hours later, can demould the silicone mold, it's will be better for molf to demould after 24 hours.
Notes:The curing temperature and curing time can be adjustable according to the operation conditions.

semost tin cure silicone for stone mold making