Platinum Cure Moldmaking Silicone

  • Liquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole Making
  • Liquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole Making
  • Liquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole Making
Liquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole MakingLiquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole MakingLiquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole Making

Liquid Silicone for Shoe Iosole Making

  • Product Item: SE-6Series
  • Hardness:5~15 Shore A
  • Mix Ratio: 1:1
  • Color: Translucent/ Custom color
  • Product description: Liquid silicone for shoe insoles is pourable, platinum cure, two-component silicone rubber which cures under room temperature by a polyaddition reaction. Material has been especially developed for sho


The SE-6 Series is a kind of the liquid RTV addition/platinum cure silicone rubber with two
parts, part A is the silicone rubber base and part B is the platinum curing agent. Its mixing ratio is
1:1, which would be suitable for both hand and machine operation. Generally the color is translucent.

Also, they can be cured after heating and its curing would be faster as the temperature goes higher.
Usually, It would be used for silicone shoe insole and other foot care products making, such as shoe-pad, heel pads, toe separator, toe set, shoe insoles, and similar products. Silicone hardness from 5~15 Shore A will be more suitable.


• FDA certified, medical grade, totally nontoxic, odorless, harmless, and eco friendly
• Mix ratio of 1 :1, easy operation, and also suitable for machine operation
• Good resistance to deformation
• Excellent tear strength and tensile strength
• Low viscosity
• Easy processing - mixing ratio 1 : 1


SE-6 Series silicone rubber is food grade silicone rubber,it is extremely soft, which specially used for making silicone chiropody’s products, silicone gel foot health products, therapeutic silicone insole and silicone podiatry products, such as silicone insoles ,foot support insole, foot insoles, height insoles / heighten insole / silicone height increase pad, heel insole, orthotic insoles, shoe cushion, foot pad, toe spreader, toe cap, toe pad, heel spur, heel cups, heel insole, heel pad, shoe pad, Silicone Metatarsal.


Model NO· SE-605# SE-610# SE-615#
Mixing Ratio (by weight) 1:1 1:1 1:1
Appearance/Color Translucent Translucent Translucent
Hardness (Shore A) 5±2 10±2 15±2
Mixed viscosity (mPa·s) 4500±500 1400±500 1500±500
Working Time(at23/75,MINS) 30~40 30~40 30~40
Curing Time (at 23/75, HRS) 4~5 4~5 4~5
Tensile strength, Mpa ≥2.2 ≥3.4 ≥3.8
Tear strength, KN/m ≥12.8 ≥14.6 ≥19.6
Shrinkage, % <0.1 <0.1 <0.1
Elongation at break, % ≥480 ≥500 ≥530

SE-6 Series is platinum cure silicone , which is very easy to cause cure inhibition , so please do remember thoroughly clean the model and tool before operation . Besides , please avoid the condensation silicone rubber (100:2) contact or mix with the following material , otherwise the silicone won’t be cured.
1. Liquid condensation silicone ( condensation silicone not completely cured or organic tin compounds )
2. Sulphur, sulfide and sulfur rubber materials.
3. Amine compounds as well as contains the amine materials.
4. Pewter solder flux.